Visual Domain Ltd will undertake video projects subject to a signed filming contract. Whilst conditions vary depending on the type of project commissioned, below are general conditions, which apply to all our work.


A non-refundable deposit of £500.00 or the deposit amount agreed is required at the time of booking when a legal contractual agreement is made between Visual Domain Ltd and the client. The remaining balance must be made in full four weeks prior to the event. Prices are correct at the time of booking, however any changes after the booking will be subject to current pricing and availability.


In the event that the client books Visual Domain Ltd for video and photographic services within twenty eight (28) calendar days from the date of the event, A full payment must be made within the specified time scale provide by Visual Domain Ltd. No refund will be offered on short notice booking.


In the event of the client cancelling this booking, Visual Domain Ltd will charge a cancellation fee in accordance with the following scale: £500 (the booking fee) if cancelled more than 2 month prior to the date of filming; 100% of the agreed fee if cancelled less than 2 month prior to the date of filming. Refunds may only be given at the discretion of the management.


Our film crew will attend for the number of hours booked. Attendance includes time for setting up equipment, capturing scene setting shots and transferring between locations (where necessary). If more time is needed to provide coverage agreed with you (or your schedule runs over), we will bill you for the additional hours after the event.


Clients are asked to complete a 'Video Planning Form' prior to their event. This information is essential for the proper planning and production of your film. Failure to complete this in detail may compromise the quality and coverage of the finished production. Failure to provide this information and/or to communicate any changes on the day may result in missed coverage for which we cannot be held responsible.


For bookings with over 4 hours attendance the film crew will be entitled to a minimum 30 min break (taken at a mutually convenient point). The client is required to provide a two course hot meal and refreshments at this time. This should be served in a prompt manner to ensure crews are ready to resume filming when needed.


Visual Domain Ltd will film your event as agreed, however we cannot be held responsible for circumstances preventing this, such as: a) failure to provide accurate schedule of events or adequate notice of any changes that arise; b) inclement weather & filming conditions; c) restrictions placed by the venue or security officials; d) disruptions in live sound recording caused by children & infants and others. Whilst every effort is made to provide comprehensive coverage of events, Visual Domain Ltd does not guarantee to capture any specific item of footage and the videographer/s' judgments regarding filming conditions and what is captured shall be deemed correct.


Visual Domian Ltd will not charge for any travel costs that are incurred where the client’s chosen location is within 10 miles of LONDON STARTFORD STATION. Visual Domian Ltd will charge £1 per mile when it exceeds a 10 miles radius. Visual Domian Ltd will also charge for overnight accommodation for events that are expected to finish later then 10pm and where the traveling distance is more than 1 hour after this time. All charges for travel and accommodation will be discussed with the client prior to making a booking and the total price quoted will include both these costs.


Visual Domain Ltd reserves the right to make substitutions to video production equipment including, but not limited to video cameras, photography cameras and audio recording devices in the event that the advertised video/photographic production equipment is unavailable due to damage, loss, theft, or any other condition that prevents its use. Visual Domain Ltd also reserves the right to make substitutions or sub‐ contracts for videographers/photographers/film editors labor in the event that any of the staff working on behalf of Visual Domain Ltd are unavailable for the event. The client understands and agrees that any equipment or labor substitutions made by Visual Domain Ltd do not constitute a breach or cancellation of any part of this agreement.


The client agrees to accept full financial responsibility for the repair or replacement costs of any of Visual Domain Ltd equipment that sustains damage as a direct or indirect result of the actions of any guest in attendance during the event, ceremony, reception or associated events, invited or not. The client agrees to pay for the replacement costs of any of Visual Domain Ltd equipment in the event that the repair costs are greater than the replacement costs, or if the amount of time needed to facilitate the necessary repairs prevent Visual Domain Ltd from using the equipment for another client, already booked or not.

STAFF SAFETY: It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the no harm physical or verbal is caused to any of the staff of Visual Domain Ltd. It is also agreed that Visual Domain Ltd staff will be treated with respect and dignity. Frailer will result in cancelation of project with no refund. Visual Domain Ltd will also seek to take out criminal and civil action if deems necceary.


The client is responsible for obtaining an inclement weather* alternate location or temporary covering for Visual Domain Ltd videographers, photographers and equipment. If the client is unable to secure such inclement weather accommodations, then the client understands and agrees that Visual Domain Ltd will cease filming and remove all equipment from the affected areas while the inclement weather persists. The client understands that no refunds will be given due to Visual Domain Ltd ceasing filming due to inclement weather. *Inclement weather includes, but is not limited to: Precipitation (hail, mist, rain, sleet or snow)of any intensity, wind speeds above 30mph, thunder 30 seconds or less from preceding lighting flash, excessive heat (above 95 degrees) or cold (below 32 degrees).


The client understands that Visual Domain Ltd does not provide any form of artificial light for filming in normal circumstances, but instead uses 3CCD light sensitive video cameras to capture the best footage using the existing lighting conditions. The client understands that if there is insufficient natural or artificial light the image quality of the captured video will be greatly reduced. Visual Domain Ltd is not responsible for any unusable or poor quality footage due to insufficient lighting. Visual Domain Ltd will however in exceptional circumstances provide adequate lighting if it believes that venue lighting will result in poor video quality.


Visual Domain Ltd is not responsible for any unusable or poor quality audio due to interference from wind, animals, traffic, bodies of water, fountains, airplanes, guests talking, or other background audio elements present during filming. Additionally, Visual Domain is not responsible for unusable or poor quality audio due to non-amplified ceremony or reception events.


The client agrees to take any necessary proactive or reactive measures to ensure that any non‐contracted photographers or videographers, such as guests and family members, will not impede or interfere with Visual Domain Ltd’s videographers/photographers. The client understands that Visual Domain Ltd’s videographers/photographers will make all reasonable efforts to work with or around any non-contracted videographers or photographers. The client also understands that Visual Domain Ltd is not responsible for any unusable or poor quality footage due to interference or impedance by noncontracted videographers or photographers.


The Client will have 12 Months to provide Visual Domain Ltd with editing instructions after the last day of the function. After this period Visual Domain Ltd will no longer have contractual obligation to provide a full and final product under the original contract. Visual Domain Ltd will reserve the right to make an additional charge for work to be carried out after the initial period of 12 months. 


Once Editing Instruction is provided :

Post-production on the completed DVD usually takes 3-6 months. Work cannot commence until all outstanding payments & information requests have been settled. The creative director is responsible for overseeing the editing stage and his creative & technical judgment regarding the work is final. Any applications for amendments after delivery must be made in writing within 10 days. No charge will be made for technical errors that are within our control, however all creative or editorial changes will be considered at the director's discretion and charged for at our studio rate of £50/hr (min charge £150).

The client agrees to give Visual Domain Ltd full creative and artistic freedom for all on-location filming, photography, post-production digital video/photo editing, and final DVD/album production. Visual Domain Ltd does not guarantee to capture any specific item of footage/image and the Videographers / Photographers judgment regarding filming and photographic conditions and what is captured shall be deemed correct.

The client is responsible for notifying Visual Domain Ltd of any special requests before any on-location filming/photography or post-production digital video/photo editing. Visual Domain Ltd will allow the client an opportunity to view the wedding video in a final draft format. It is the client's responsibility to make any editing requests during this time. If no editing requests are made within five (5) business days from the date Visual Domain Ltd mails the final draft DVD to the client, the client agrees to accept the final video as-is, and revokes any rights to request changes to be made to the final video by Visual Domain Ltd. Any amendments or changes after delivery will be charged at our normal studio rate.


Usage & Copyright:

The copyrights in the video production shall remain the property of Visual Domain Ltd in accordance with the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1998. Clients are entitled to private usage rights (such as domestic screenings), but may not allow material to be transmitted on TV, radio or the Internet without the producer's consent. The client hereby acknowledges that infringement of Visual Domain Ltd copyright is unlawful and may be a criminal offence. Footage and stills may be used by Visual Domain Ltd for use on its own website & video channel and consent for this is hereby given by the client. Additional written consent will be sought if Visual Domain Ltd wishes to use footage for any other purpose.



The client may be entitled to a full refund for the following reasons:

The maximum liability that Visual Domain Ltd will accept will be that of the cost of the project.